ISONET-Electro Sistem Ltd.

Since 1996, our main profile used in the electricity industry low voltage and medium voltage employed (1-12-24-35-50 kV) indoor and outdoor networks and switching devices plastic (epoxy resin and silicon composite) insulators and electrical appliances manufacturing.

Our products through continuous innovation, always have the latest and most versatile prepare your materials can be used in Hungary. Only by working with material composition, which gives an opportunity to the products we produce either outdoor or indoor suitable for use.

Our insulators prepared strictly in accordance with international standards to which attached to the certificate of compliance. Each of our products in our own laboratory (X-ray, breaking test), electrical and mechanical tests are subjected to Clients only receive high quality products.

Our customers domestic and foreign power suppliers, transport companies, contractors and traders.

Most of our products LM. and MV. networks are made, but we can solve individual orders as well.

Our products by category:

 power insulators
 insulators needed for fixing metal fittings (eg. busbar support, clamp and bracket to)
 metal fittings used in electrical networks (eg. tension clamps)
 Manufacture of other plastic products

Circles product manufactured and sold by our group:

 transformers
 switchboards
 transformer stations
 electronic electroplating, metal and powder coating, hot-dip galvanizing, aluminum casting

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István Bába

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